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Gov. Palin Cooks Up New Image

She is everywhere, she is everywhere. We're talking about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who cooked for NBC's Matt Lauer on "Today" this week during a media tour that also included interviews with Fox's Greta Van Susteren, CNN's Wolf Blitzer and Larry King and just about any other media member who wanted to talk with her.

Whether it was Lauer eating a salmon dish or Van Susteren taking a snowmobile ride with Gov. Palin's husband, Todd, the media looked very silly being part of this rehabiliation ride.

How silly? About as silly as some of Gov. Palin's answers in interviews while she was Sen. John McCain's running mate. She tried to explain those answers away in the interviews without much success but her new media buddies rarely called her on her unusual, illogical spin.

Naturally, the Palin interviews became fodder for "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart Wednesday night, which showed clips of the media members eating Gov. Palin's spin up like it was salmon casserole.

In an interview this week, Stewart said of the Palin tour: "I think that in general the news media is weak-kneed. It is that passive aggression. They feel as though 'wait a minute, if we reported on her lack of knowledge, don't we have to go back now and pretend that she was unbelievably qualified.' It is their typical self-flagellation cycle."

I'm with Stewart. What is your take on the Palin media tour? Do you think the media looks silly or is being used? Or have you found the interviews important and valuable?

-- Alan Pergament   


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