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Letterman Favors Ball State Over UB

I don't know if this is bulletin board material, but "Late Show with David Letterman" has already booked Ball State Coach Brady Hoke to present the show's Top 10 list on Monday.

Letterman, of course, is a graduate of Ball State, which plays the University at Buffalo tonight for the Mid-American Conference title. The booking of Coach Hoke suggests that the show is presuming that undefeated Ball State -- a 14 and a half point favorite -- won't have much trouble with the underdog Bulls.

But hey, if the Bulls upset the Fighting Cardinals, it would only be fair if UB Coach Turner Gill was invited to present a Top 10 List somewhere down the line.

Meanwhile, Gill got quite an endorsement Thursday night from TNT's Charles Barkley. Barkley, who played basketball at Auburn University, was asked during the network's NBA coverage who he thinks should be the next football coach at his alma mater after the firing of Tommy Tuberville.

"Jay Jacobs, (Auburn) athetlic director, I've got your coach," said Barkley. "Go get Turner Gill at (the University at Buffalo), it's time... Auburn family, I love you all. Alabama, I love you, too. But it's time.. go get Turner Gill at Buffalo. RIGHT NOW!"

It is unclear how much weight the opinionated Sir Charles has in this decision by his alma mater.


-- Alan Pergament

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