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Batavia Woman Gets a Rose From the Bachelor

From the look of things in Monday's premiere of ABC's "The Bachelor," the former teacher from Batavia trying to win single father Jason Mesnick's heart may not be long for the show.

Sharon Staebell, a former Spanish teacher and volleyeball coach at Victor High School, was the 14th women out of 15 given a rose by Mesnick that signifies she will return for the next episode.

Additionally, Staebell wasn't visible in the clips of upcoming episodes of the reality series.

Of course, looks can be deceiving when it comes to reality shows. And Staebell claimed during the show that she felt a connection with Mesnick. Mesnick, on the other hand, said the fact that Staebell told him that she quit her job to be on the show didn't matter much to him if there isn't a connection.

To be honest, I fast-forwarded through the show to find the parts that Staebell was in so I don't know if Mesnick made better connections with the other women seeking his heart.

If you're a bigger fan that I am, what did you think of the opener and of Staebell? Do you think she can win? Do you care?

-- Alan Pergament

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