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"The Doctors" Keep a Secret

All last week, the syndicated program "The Doctors" carried attention-getting promos about a special episode about the female anatomy that was supposed to air on Monday.

"Let's hear it for the vagina, the secrets revealed," one of the promos shouted.

But the secrets weren't revealed because the program didn't air on Channel 7 locally or anywhere nationally on Monday.

A spokesperson for the program said the hour episode, which was going to feature female doctors and a female comedian, wasn't carried because the affiliates were uncomfortable with it.

It makes you wonder if the people working at the affiliates have watched any episode of  "The Doctors," which generally does a responsible job dealing with what can be very adult subject matter.

You also might have thought that the affiliates would have made their discomfort known before the episode was promoted for several days, including on Friday. The decision to air a substitute program, "The 10 Most Shocking Health Trends of the Year," came Friday after the promos ran, the spokesperson said.

Let's hear it for censorship.

What did you think of last week's promos? What do you think of "The Doctors"? Do you agree with the decision to pull the episode?

Read more about local popularity of "The Doctors" in Thursday's Buffalo News.

-- Alan Pergament  

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