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Time Warner to Hike Rates

Death, taxes, cable rate hikes. They are all inevitable.

It was no surprise really that Time Warner Cable has announced local rate hikes, effective Feb. 1. After all, anyone who has followed Time Warner's recent national battles with Channel 4's owner and national programmers should have realized that someone would have to pay for those deals.

That someone is you, if you're a cable subscriber.

The announced hikes can be a little difficult to decipher. The cost to each subscriber will depend on the services they receive. And Time Warner said those subscribers willing to commit to certain packages for two years can pay 2008 rates.

But two years can be a long time, especially if you're already a little annoyed about not receiving The NFL Network, the Big Ten Network or other channels that are available on satellite services and want  the option of switching at any time.

What do you think of the announced rate hike? Will it cause you to reassess whether you keep cable? Or do you understand the reasons behind the hike and and believe it is understandable and acceptable?

-- Alan Pergament


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