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"American Idol" Falling Here

All right, I've been wrong before. But it sure looks like Western New York is tiring of "American Idol" this season.

For the second time in recent weeks, the CBS program "NCIS" defeated "Idol" in head-to-head competition on Tuesday.

And this time it wasn't even close. "NCIS" averaged an 18.4 rating on Channel 4, "Idol" a still healthy 14.9 on Channel 29. In the final 15 minutes, "NCIS" averaged a 20.8, "Idol" a 16.7.

Of course, "NCIS" probably has older viewers and many viewers are drawn to the final 15 minutes because of the drawing power of the program that follows it, "The Mentalist" (which had a 19.7 rating). But a win is a win.

I haven't seen enough of "Idol" this year to say whether the talent level has anything to do with its losses. More likely, "Idol" is still paying for being so ordinary last season.

Why do you think "Idol" has fallen here?

 -- Alan Pergament

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