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Blagojevich Brings His Act to Letterman

Who is a better actor, former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich or Academy Award nominee Richard Jenkins?

That's a good question, but there is no question who got more time on David Letterman's show Tuesday night.

The impeached governor got so much time with Letterman that Jenkins was lucky to get a few minutes to talk about his nominated role in "The Visitor."

Both guests were very funny, though sometimes Blagojevich's humor was unintentional.

Letterman is never easy on politicians, as Sen. John McCain found out during his run for the presidency. When Blagojevich said he had wanting to get on Letterman's show in the worst way, Letterman deadpanned "you're on in the worst way."

After noting now many Illinois governors have gotten into legal trouble, Letterman asked Blagojevich: "Is this just part of the oath of office?"

Though he allowed Blagojevich to defend himself, Letterman was very skeptical about the former governor's continuing talk show appearances.

"The more you talk and the more you repeated your innocence, I said to myself  'oh, 'this guy is guilty,'" said Letterman early in the interview.

Letterman repeated himself at the end of the interview, too.

That prompted Blagojevich to repeat he was telling the truth and add "I'm glad you're not going to sit on the jury in Illinois" once the criminal case comes to trial.

Do you agree with Letterman? And if you saw Tuesday's program, didn't you wish that Jenkins had gotten more time?

-- Alan Pergament

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