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High Anxiety at Channel 7

The report that the company that owns Channel 7 in Buffalo has dropped most of its news operations at its Syracuse station, WTVH-TV, and is eliminating at least 40 jobs there has added to the anxiety level at WKBW-TV.

The moves resulted from an agreement that WTVH-TV made to combine business operations with a competitor, WSTM-TV, in Syracuse.

WKBW-TV staffers are wondering if a similar arrangement can happen to the Granite Broadcasting station here located in a bigger market.

The general managers of Channel 4 and Channel 2 here said Monday they are unaware of any discussions between their owners and Granite about making a similar arrangement here.

And one knowledgeable industry source told me today that Granite's Buffalo station is in much better shape than its Syracuse station and "it is a much different situation." The source added that the Buffalo market also has a benefit that is missing in Syracuse -- Canadian advertising.

The source concluded that Granite is unlikely to try a similar plan here in the foreseeable future.

On the other hand, the threat of it happening surely could influence the contentious contract talks  between Channel 7's management and its union workers.

What do you make of the Syracuse situation and its possible impact here?

-- Alan Pergament

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