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Terrell Puts on a VH1 Show

Good idea or bad idea?

I'm not talking about the Buffalo Bills signing of controversial NFL star Terrell Owens after he was let go by the Dallas Cowboys.

I'm talking about VH1's decision earlier this year to do a reality show with Owens that will primarily focus on his off-the-field adventures.

Before the Bills signed him, I doubt too many people here would have been interested in the show, tentatively titled "Playing the Field."

But now that some of it will be filmed here, it could be a local prime time hit.

Since Tom Calderone, the Buffalo State College graduate who is president of VH1, is a huge fan of Buffalo and the Bills it is hard to imagine that the series will damage the reputation of the team or the city. It may even make the city and the team look good.

What do you think of the idea of the Owens series? Do you plan to watch it? Or are you already sick of all things T.O. before he's played his first game here.

-- Alan Pergament

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