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The Presidency and Life on Mars

I learned today how serious fans of the ABC series "Life on Mars" are about the canceled series.

In my column today about last week's series finale, I said that the series had Michelle Obama being the President in 2035.

I made the assumption that the President Obama referred to near the end of the episode was Michelle because her daughters, Malia and Sasha, would be too young to have been elected in 2032.

However, the dialogue at the end of the show clearly noted that "President Obama and her sister" are going to see their seriously ill father in Chicago.

Michelle's father is deceased and she doesn't have a sister. However, her mother could re-marry, which would result in her having a stepfather she considers a father in 2035. Her brother, Craig, is married so she could have a sister-in-law that she considers a sister in 2035. 

Admittedly, those scenarios are big stretches so the dialogue suggests Malia was probably President. So I apparently was wrong. But so were the writers of "Mars."

Malia, who is the oldest daughter of President Obama and his wife, was born on July 4, 1998. She would be 34 in 2032 when the last presidential election before 2035 would have been held. She also would be 34 in January 2033 when when it was inauguration time. 

The Constitution states that you have to be 35 to be president or vice president. So Malia couldn't be elected President in 2032 and it's a stretch to believe she'd become President when she was old enough in 2035 in any other way. I mean it's hard to imagine a Constitutional amendment passed that would lower the age requirement. 

Gee, after reading this over, I guess I'm taking a throwaway line a little too seriously, too,

-- Alan Pergament

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