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Whitner Gets Triple Coverage

Just once I wish the local TV news departments would surprise me after a Buffalo Bill gets in some off-the-field trouble.

It didn't happen Monday when the local newscasts went heavy with reports about safety Donte Whitner being Tasered in front of a Cleveland nightclub and spending much of Saturday in jail after being accused of trying to join a "near riot."

Whitner was released from jail Saturday afternoon and the incident was extensively reported Sunday. There was only a minor update on Monday. It was nothing that deserved the lead of a newscast. After all, it wasn't like he was accused of severely hurting anyone or anything -- except for his own reputation.

Sure, the Bills are this area's major celebrities. It's a story worth reporting and worth discussing on radio talk shows. But a little news perspective was in order. In the scope of things, Whitner's jailing was hardly the most important news of the day.

What did you think about how the story was covered on TV?

-- Alan Pergament 

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