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Channel 2 News Being Held Accountable

My column today about the dramatic ratings decline at Channel 2 News at 6 a.m and 5 p.m. during the May ratings period already has led a couple of emailers to speculate on the causes.

The writers feel that the station's constant trumpeting of its mission to "ask the tough questions" and "hold people accountable" has become "tiresome" and "shallow."

In other words, they believe Channel 2's act has worn thin.

Jim Toellner, the station's general manager, partly attributed the 5 p.m. losses to a poor lead-in from "Ellen" and said personnel changes led to instability in the morning. He added NBC's weak prime time has hurt the station's news numbers. He also said things have gone better since the May sweeps ended.

What do you think? Has the message grown tired or is the decline the product of a poor lead-in, morning personnel changes and a weak NBC?

-- Alan Pergament


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