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Channel 2 News Learns How to Read

I got a kick at 11 p.m. Wednesday about the way that Channel 2 anchor Maryalice Demler introduced a story about the Federal Aviation Administration's investigation of whether Colgan Air violated federal rules by overscheduling its pilots.

"We're learning," said Demler, "a week before holding hearings on the crash of Flight 3407 investigators are looking into whether the airline involved is pushing its pilots too far."

Of course, it wasn't hard "to learn" since a copyrighted story by Buffalo News reporter Jerry Zremski ran on the front page of the newspaper about 18 hours before on Wednesday morning.

When Channel 4 uses the newspaper as a reference, it usually says so. Channel 2 just tries to find creative ways to avoid giving proper credit.

What do you think of Channel 2's creativity?

-- Alan Pergament

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