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Network Newscasts Leave Emotional Coverage to Local Stations

The three major networks opened their nightly news programs Tuesday with reports on the federal hearings in Washington, D.C. about the circumstances surrounding the crash of Flight 3407 three months ago. It wasn't difficult to see why.

The transcripts of the cockpit conversations between pilot Marvin Renslow and First Officer Rebecca L. Shaw made the story about the deaths of 50 people in the Clarence crash even more powerful than it had been.

The transcripts were shocking, disturbing and frightening and spoke to anyone across the nation who has flown or plans to fly anytime soon.

Interestingly, NBC was the only network to put a face on the tragedy by interviewing a family member who lost a loved one on that flight. Robin Tolsma, who lost her husband, was featured in a brief, moving interview. CBS and ABC did not interview any loved ones.

The emotional stories were left for the local Buffalo affiliates, which did an admirable job interviewing family members and friends who understandly remain overwhelmed by the tragedy.

There will be more about the coverage in my Thursday column.

What did you think of the national coverage? What did you think of the local coverage?

-- Alan Pergament

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