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Terrell Owens Sets First Record in Buffalo

If I had been Channel 7 News, I would have heavily promoted Terrell Owens' guest appearance as a sports anchor on the 6 p.m. news Monday rather than kept it a surprise.

If it had been promoted, viewership would have been much higher.

The charismatic Owens was quite impressive and funny reading his brief report on his first practice day with the Buffalo Bills.

"The top story in sports tonight is 'I'm here,'" said Owens with a huge smile. After showing some practice footage, Owens added: "Now let's hear what I had to say after practice."

The audience inside Channel 7's studio laughed loudly. By my unofficial count, Owens comically said the word "I" seven times in one minute, which surely is a local sportscast record.

As one who unsuccessfully tried to anchor a sports report a while back, I was even more impressed by Owens' on-air performance than I might have been if I hadn't tried it myself.

There will be much more on the extensive local TV coverage of Owens in Wednesday's edition of The Buffalo News. What did you think of Owens work as an anchor? And what have you thought about the TV coverage of the Bills' newest star so far?

-- Alan Pergament

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