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Time for Time Warner and NFL Network to Make Deal

The National Football League announced a deal today with the nation's largest cable operator, Comcast, that will result in the NFL Network being carried on its digital classic level by Aug. 1.

The channel has been on a sports package.

Why should this matter to Western New Yorkers?

Because there is widespread speculation that the NFL will next focus on making a national deal with the nation's second largest cable operator, Time Warner, which is the primary cable operator in Western New York.

The NFL Network had been carried here in Adelphia's days, but was dropped when Time Warner took over.

Of course, this would be a good year for the NFL Network to arrive back in Buffalo since the network is scheduled to carry a Bills regular season game with the New York Jets on Dec. 3. The game will air here on one of the local TV affiliates, but viewers will need the NFL Network to see the week-long build up to the game.

Have you missed NFL Network since it was dropped by Time Warner?

-- Alan Pergament

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