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Channel 4's Postles Can't Keep a Secret

Like any good journalist, Channel 4 anchor Don Postles knows you should protect your sources at all costs and occasionally you have to hold a good story to protect them.

But according to a story in Saturday's edition of The New York Times about Friday's wedding of Postles' daughter, Elizabeth, and Richard William Sanderson Jago of England, Postles couldn't keep his future son-in-law's plan to ask his daughter to marry him a secret. 

According to the Times, Richard William Sanderson Jago of England was in he backyard of the Postles' home a year ago and asked for Don Postles' blessing to marry his daughter. His plan was to later propose to Elizabeth.

"When informed of Mr. Jago's intentions," wrote the Times reporter, "Mr. Postles threw his drink on the lawn, started yelling in celebration and hugging his future son-in-law before running into the house and shouting the good news to his wife (Anne)." 

Needless to say, Mr. Jago's plan to propose later was accelerated. They were immediately engaged.

Do you have a better engagement story than that? 

-- Alan Pergament


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