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Channel 7 Debuts Its Version of the 10 O'Clock News

Well, the headline is a little deceiving. The truth is Channel 7 plans to tape tonight's late newscast at 10:20 p.m. and run it after the first game of the NBA finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic ends. That could be close to midnight.

It plans to do the same thing throughout the NBA Finals, which could last seven games and end June 18.

In a memo to the staff, John DiSciullo, Channel 7's director of strategic content, news operations and community affairs, wrote "material for news, weather and sports will need to be ready earlier to accommodate this taping schedule."

The reason for the taping isn't in the memo, but staffers can figure it out. The taping avoids paying overtime since the games can end at midnight or later.

The plan does have some potential for embarrassment if any newsworthy event occurs at 11 p.m., when the news normally runs live. But you would hope the station has a contingency plan.

What do you think of the idea of taping the news?

-- Alan Pergament  

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