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I'm a TV Critic, Get Me Out of Here

On the theory that every TV critic should be able to handle 15 minutes of a painful reality series, I checked out NBC's remake of the ABC failure, "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here," on Monday.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), the 15 minutes I chose featured Patti Blagojevich -- the wife of disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich -- telling the other so-called "celebrities" that her husband was railroaded.

The other celebrities seemed convinced by Mrs. Blago's defense, with Spencer Pratt even telling her he would have voted for Blagojevich for President of the United States.

Pratt, who became a celebrity on another reality show, MTV's "The Hills," wasn't kidding. Later, his wife, Heidi, led a prayer for Blagojevich, whose wife landed on the show after a judge refused to allow the governor to travel to Costa Rico to be part of it.

This was the most (unintentionally) funny 15 minutes of TV on NBC all year. Better than anything on "The Office" or even "30 Rock."

But seriously, does NBC think a stupid reality show that features airhead celebrities is the ideal place to try the Blagojevich racketeering case? Can't the prosecutors get equal time on say "America's Got Talent" or "The Biggest Loser"?

If you watched more than 15 minutes, what did you think of the "Celebrity" opener and Mrs. Blago's defense?

-- Alan Pergament


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