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Owens Criticized by Teammate on Superstars

Yeah, you read that headline right. Buffalo Bills star Terrell Owens was on the receiving end of verbal abuse Tuesday night when he and his supermodel teammate on ABC's "Superstars" were the first pairing to be eliminated.

And after watching model Joanna Krupa lambast Owens' performance in a kayak and on an obstacle course, you certainly can understand why Owens' didn't invite Krupa to a Bills home game this season until she asked for an invite.

After Owens got caught in the netting in an obstacle course competition that put the team in a sudden-death elimination round,  Krupa was blunt.

"Unbelievable," she said. "I don't want a teammate like that. Call yourself an athlete. What does he get a million for?"

When Owens tried to calm her down, Krupa used an expletive that was deleted and blamed him for the loss before adding: "Shut up. You kidding me."

She wasn't done. Owens did better on the obstacle course in the sudden death race, but Krupa couldn't keep the lead and she blamed him for their elimination.

Once again, Krupa went on the verbal attack. "So cocky," she told Owens. "For what? You got in the NFL."

His teammate's harsh criticism led Owens to respond: "I really feel bad for her boyfriend. I really feel bad for him."

Believe it or not, you had to feel badly for Owens, too. But let's think of the positives he got out of appearing on "Superstars." He left after only one taped show, which means he didn't wear himself out. The verbal abuse he received made him a sympathetic figure. And maybe Krupa's harsh criticism of a teammate will make Owens think about how he treats his own teammates if and when things go badly this season.

Well, we can only hope. What did you think of Krupa's verbal assaults? And what did you think of "Superstars"?

Frankly, I'm glad T.O. was eliminated so I won't have to watch it again.

-- Alan Pergament

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