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Russert Remembered on Anniversary of His Death

Saturday is the first anniversary of the shocking death of Tim Russert, the Buffalo native who went on to national prominence as a political journalist and the moderator of "Meet the Press."

As predicted by many, the 2008 presidential campaign wasn't the same without Russert putting issues  in focus and Sundays haven't been the same without him on NBC.

I know "Meet the Press" is no longer must-see TV each Sunday around my house. This isn't a slight at the very capable David Gregory, who was named moderator of the program after Tom Brokaw held the position during the 2008 election campaign.

It is just that Russert gave the program more of an everyman appeal and often seemed to be capable of having more fun with his guests even after the contentious debates were over.

In any event, have your Sunday TV habits changed? And do you want to share your feelings about a historic political year that sadly missed Russert's probing and analysis.

-- Alan Pergament 

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