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Terrell Owens Plays the Joker

No, we're not talking about Terrell Owens getting the role in the next Batman movie. We're talking about the performance of the Buffalo Bills wide receiver in ABC's "Superstars," which premieres at 8 p.m Tuesday on Channel 7.

Robert Horowitz, the show's executive producer, said in a telephone interview that Owens was "incredibly cooperative and he and (supermodel) Joanna Krupa made a great team."

"Owens didn't do anything at all bad or cause problems," said Horowitz. "If anything, he became the joker and heckler and trying to rouse the other team, which was very cool... That's where you see T.O. being fun and vocal on the sidelines. I wouldn't say cocky, but confident and fun... Like it is T.O.'s stage. That's how he acted. He was pheonomenal. He was unbelievable.

"It was the perfect format for both of them to compete as a team... They were probably the most competitive and had the team with the most personality.. The first show is a good T.O. show. He's a big part of the first show." 

Were you a fan of "Superstars," which Horowitz considers the real start of reality TV? And does Owens' participation make you more likely to watch Tuesday?

-- Alan Pergament

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