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T.O. and the Supermodel: The Drama Continues

I guess I should have seen this one coming. Buffalo Bills star Terrell Owens and supermodel teammate Joanna Krupa will live another day on ABC's "The Superstars."

The network confirmed today that Owens and Krupa -- who were the first team eliminated Tuesday night after Owens had trouble on a kayak and on an obstacle course -- are returning to the show because an injury forced another team to leave.

"The fireworks between them continue," added an ABC publicist.

He was alluding to all the verbal shots that Krupa hurled at Owens and his athletic prowess. Rather than repeat them, I advise you to read ny previous blog on the show.

The return of Owens and Krupa makes sense because they were the most interesting team in the eight-team competition Tuesday.

An astute reader of my previous blog noted that Owens was shown playing basketball in a promo, which is the reason that ABC decided it had to confirm he and Krupa were coming back.

Though the fireworks between them may continue, I'm expecting Owens and Krupa will perform better in future events because she told me in an interview that "we really kicked butt" and "we're a good team."

What do you think of the return of Owens and Krupa? Will you watch the show again next week? Or did her language and attitude in the premiere turn you off?

-- Alan Pergament

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