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Channel 4's Wrobel Looks for a Silver Lining

Former Channel 4 meteorologist Mary Beth Wrobel didn't return my phone calls to discuss her dismissal Tuesday by the top-rated news station in town. I wasn't surprised. Perhaps she couldn't talk because management at TV stations often require ousted personnel to keep quiet until their severance package is paid.

But Wrobel did send along an email that may be the closest thing she gets to saying goodbye to her fans.

Wrote Wrobel: "From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the viewers and the wonderful group of people I've worked with for nearly nine years. It was always my dream to get back to my hometown, and I'm grateful for the opportunity.

"I'm a big believer in Buffalo and its future... it's a place filled with culture, tradition, diversity and spirit, where family values remain strong, not to mention we have the best fans anywhere in the good ole USA! I'm going to deeply miss weather forecasting and my active participation in all the charities and community events on behalf of the station. It was a privilege and an honor. After every storm is a silver lining, and I look forward to that."

Channel 4 management has been notably silent on the dismissals of Wrobel and reporter Rob Macko. General Manager Chris Musial and News Director Joe Schlaerth haven't responded to phone calls or emails.

The dismissals are believed to have been made for economic reasons as broadcasters face increasing financial pressures during the recession.

According to sources, Wrobel and Macko were in the unfortunate position of having expired contracts.

What do you think about the dismissals of Wrobel and Macko? 

-- Alan Pergament


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