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Emmy Nominations Up for Debate

What, James Spader didn't get nominated as best actor for the final season of "Boston Legal"? HBO's "True Blood" couldn't beat the vampire show jinx? What happened to Jeremy Piven's automatic nomination for HBO's "Entourage"? And did "Grey's Anatomy"  give up (Denny's) ghost too late to get Emmy love?

Those are some of the things that will be debated after today's announcement of the Emmy Award nominations.

For now, it looks like the Sept. 20 telecast on CBS might be a rerun of last year's Emmys with 2008 comedy and drama winners, "30 Rock" and "Mad Men," leading the way in nominations.

There were a few minor surprises -- the absence of Spader and Piven from the list, Simon Baker's best acting nomination for "The Mentalist" and Jemaine Clement's best comedic acting nomination for HBO's "Flight of the Conchords" -- chief among.

But overall, the nominations were pretty predictable. Take a look at the list of nominees on the Buffalo News website and then speak out about what made you happy, what made you disappointed and what made you go beyond disappointment into anger.

-- Alan Pergament


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