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Paul, O'Connell Have Severe Disagreement

Channel 4 meteorologist Don Paul and his Channel 2 counterpart, Kevin O'Connell, are having a Facebook Feud.
The two weather guys have been debating the meaning of "severe" when it comes to predicting storms.
Of course, they've had similar disagreements over the years. Facebook just gives them another avenue to debate who is more accurate.

In a telephone interview Tuesday, Paul admitted he usually just uses Facebook to give weather reports and tell some jokes and added he regretted the exchanges with his rival.
"Unfortunately, I let him goad me into something," said Paul. "It was silly to even get on there with that nonsense."
Now Paul just plans to keep the silliness where it belongs -- on his Channel 4 weather reports.
"I'm just going back to doing weather and being stupid again," said Paul. He was alluding to his tendency to tell jokes on the air.

If you're "a friend" of the weather guys and have followed the Facebook Feud, what do you think? Is it a "severe" breach of Facebook etiquette or is it perfectly suited for the social network?

-- Alan Pergament 

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