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Time Warner, NFL Network Remain at Odds

With one day before the start of The NFL season, Time Warner and the NFL Network again haven't been able to make a deal and the league has come out swinging.

The network said in a statement released today that is doesn't expect a deal with the cable operator to be reached "anytime soon."

In the statement, the NFL Network said it was "extremely disappointed that Time Warner is unwilling to reach an agreement to carry the NFL Network on terms that are fair and reasonable and consistent with other distributors."

The statement added it had deals with hundreds of distributors, including four of the five largest distributors.

Locally, the NFL Network is carried on the satellite services and on Verizon FiOS.

Of course, the NFL Network doesn't carry its first regular season game until Nov. 12. The Bills game in Toronto against the New York Jets on Dec. 3 is on the NFL Network. It also will be carried by one of the Buffalo network affiliates, which means there is no local pressure on Time Warner to make a deal.

Not that any local pressure would matter anyway. Time Warner's negotiations with the NFL Network are at a corporate level far removed from Western New York.

Do you wish your cable company carried the NFL Network?

--Alan Pergament  

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