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As Advertised, "Mad Men" Will Be On Demand

Here's some great news for those fans of AMC's "Mad Men" who sometimes don't remember to DVR episodes when they can't watch them live at 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. Sunday night.

Time Warner Cable announced today that starting Saturday the most recent five episodes of the third season of the Emmy-award winning series set in a Madison Avenue advertising firm will be carried on its Primetime on Demand service on Channel 1005.

It added that additional episodes of this season will be added next week and that new episodes of "Mad Men" will go On Demand five days after they originally air.

If viewers don't feel they can start watching the series because they missed the first two seasons, Time Warner said it plans to "gradually add" episodes from the first two seasons sometime in December.

The deal with AMC's owner comes at a great time for fans of "Mad Men." Last Sunday's episode was one of the best of the series.

Here's a spoiler alert if you want to stop reading now.

Okay, here it goes. In last Sunday's episode, advertising executive Don Draper (Jon Hamm) was confronted by his wife Betty (January Jones) about his secret past.

Without giving out too many details that would ruin things for potential new fans, let's just say that the normally cool and extremely confident Don was in a rather uncomfortable position.

Hamm and Jones gave riveting performances that may just be rewarded when the next round of Emmys come around.

On other On Demand note, Time Warner plans to carry "Saturday Night Live" on its Primetime on Demand Channel starting Tuesday with the three most recent programs.

That's especially good news for subscribers who don't want to fill 90 minutes of DVR space each week with "SNL." TWC said the most recent "SNL" programs will go On Demand three days after they originally air.

If you watched last Sunday's riveting "Mad Men," what did you think of it?

-- Alan Pergament

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