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Izzie Disappears from "Grey's Anatomy"

The firing of Dr. Izzie Stevens on Thursday night's episode of "Grey's Anatomy" would have been a bigger shock if it hadn't leaked out last month that the actress who plays her, Katherine Heigl, is taking a five-episode hiatus.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Heigl needed the leave of absence to film a romantic comedy, "Life as We Know It," that is being directed by Greg Berlanti. Berlanti is best-known as a prolific TV writer-producer of such series as "Everwood" and "Brothers and Sisters."

Of course, Izzy deserved to be fired during a period of budget cuts after a hospital merger that led to many new younger doctors (and cast members) coming on board. After all, she almost killed a patient Thursday.

After Izzie was fired, she left hubby Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) a note saying she was leaving him, too. She was given good reason to believe that Alex had given information that hurt her case even though he was really trying to help her.

In any event, "Grey's" can't leave that story line unfinished so Izzy and Heigl will have to be back, say by January or the February sweeps at the latest.

What did you think of Izzie's firing? And how do you think she'll come back?  And did any of the new cast members wow you?

-- Alan Pergament   

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