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McCarver Still Has Game; Buck Has Right Perspective

Believe it or not, I stayed up to watch the post-game Fox show after the New York qualified for the World Series Sunday night against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Well, I lied. I actually DVRed the post-game show, which lasted until around 12:30 a.m.

Get used to staying up late over the next two weeks. Despite the early 7:57 p.m. start times, these games may still last until midnight because of all the meetings at the pitcher's mound and other delays.

Near the end of the post-game Sunday, analyst Tim McCarver noted that the last time the Yanks and the Phillies met in the World Series he was 8 and about to turn 9. It was in 1950.

McCarver just turned 68 and will call his 20th World Series tonight alongside Joe Buck on WUTV, the local Fox affiliate. He still manages to point out things about hitting, pitching and fielding that the casual baseball viewer might not realize and he seems to have toned down his tendency to say cutesy things.

I've never been a big fan of Buck, who will be calling his 12th World Series. That ties him with my personal favorite, Vin Scully, and Curt Gowdy for most by a play-by-play announcer.

Granted, Buck (who is the son of legend Jack Buck) knows the game as well as anyone and is an excellent conversationalist. But he rarely says anything memorable after a series ends or paints a picture as well as the best play-by-play men.

He reminds me of a good .300 hitter who may hit 20 home runs and have 90 RBIs but never does anything truly special.

To his credit, Buck downplayed his record-tying Series call in a conference call with reporters on Monday. He said he feels lucky to be in the same category as Scully and Gowdy.

"Those two guys are the standard by which all others are measured," he said. "I'm certainly not in that category just because I've had some longevity. I've just been the lucky guy and longevity doesn't equal greatness and in my mind greatness is the other two guys and certainly continues with Vin Scully to this day. I'm not even in that same sentence." 

Well said.

What do you think of McCarver and Buck?

-- Alan Pergament

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