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Morning Changes at Channel 7 Shouldn't Scare Rivals

After all those promos promising "something new" in the morning, today's first newscast of the re-titled "Good Morning WNY" didn't seem all that much different except for the return of ol' reliable and personable Mike Randall.

Viewers might not have even noticed the different title -- it had been "Eyewitness News This Morning." They also might not have noticed the new theme until the end when Randall said it was composed by his 24-year-old son Nick.

Randall, who was the co-anchor with Ann Edwards in 1989 when Channel 7 launched the morning program (which was actually called "Good Morning WNY" then, too), is perfectly suited for the format. He has a father-daughter vibe with co-anchor Bridget Blythe, who told Randall "I'm already scared" before the chief meteorologist did a feature on area ghost hunters.

It will take time to see whether Randall (who switched roles with Aaron Mentkowski) and Blythe have the requisite morning chemistry, but nothing they did today probably scared rivals Channel 2 and Channel 4. Both have morning ratings that are more than double what Channel 7 gets there.

What did you think of today's debut? Did you notice the new music? Will you come back to GMWNY Tuesday?

For more on today's debut and the Randall for Mentkowski switch, read Tuesday's Buffalo News.

-- Alan Pergament   

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