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"Private Practice" Redeems Itself

Violet (Amy Brenneman) lives. So does her baby. And the deranged woman who extracted the baby from a helpless Violet in her home in the season finale last May was captured.


Of course. But "Private Practice" is a television show that asks its viewers to suspend disbelief.

Thanks to a flashback plot line that revolved around Tim Daly's emotionally-wounded character, Dr. Pete Wilder, I thought the season opener was sensitive, creative and emotionally moving.

It almost made me forgive the writers for the horrific season-finale last May, which led fans of the show to head to my blog to vent their feelings.

So now that viewers have learned that the funeral at the start of Thursday's program was a flashback to the death of Pete's wife, it is time to vent again.

What did you think of Thursday's premiere? And have you forgiven the writers for last May's finale?

-- Alan Pergament


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