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Channel 4, Crangle and Brown Election Night Winners

And the popular vote winner in Tuesday night's election is Channel 4.

The local CBS affiliate had an 11.8 rating for its 11 p.m. news Tuesday, which equaled the combined rating of second-place Channel 2 (6.8) and third-place Channel 7 (5.0).

However, Channel 4 had a strong lead-in advantage from the popular new CBS series, "The Good Wife." It had a 13.0 rating, which was more than the combined rating of ABC's "the forgotten" (6.1) on Channel 7 and NBC's "Jay Leno Show" (5.4) on Channel 2.

Leno's lead-in clearly hurt Channel 2 News, which was the only station of the three that gained from its lead-in at 11 p.m.,

The quality of coverage from all three stations was almost too close to call. The one advantage Channel 4 has is Joe Crangle, the political analyst who was able to call key races during "The Good Wife" before all the results were in.

Channel 2's Scott Brown also did an excellent job explaining how County Executive Chris Collins will benefit from the new-look County Legislature. Reporters on all three stations noted that the Democrats in the legislature no longer will have a super majority to override a Collins veto. But Brown did the most thorough job explaining the situation.

-- Alan Pergament

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