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Channel 4, Crangle and Brown Election Night Winners

And the popular vote winner in Tuesday night's election is Channel 4.

The local CBS affiliate had an 11.8 rating for its 11 p.m. news Tuesday, which equaled the combined rating of second-place Channel 2 (6.8) and third-place Channel 7 (5.0).

However, Channel 4 had a strong lead-in advantage from the popular new CBS series, "The Good Wife." It had a 13.0 rating, which was more than the combined rating of ABC's "the forgotten" (6.1) on Channel 7 and NBC's "Jay Leno Show" (5.4) on Channel 2.

Leno's lead-in clearly hurt Channel 2 News, which was the only station of the three that gained from its lead-in at 11 p.m.,

The quality of coverage from all three stations was almost too close to call. The one advantage Channel 4 has is Joe Crangle, the political analyst who was able to call key races during "The Good Wife" before all the results were in.

Channel 2's Scott Brown also did an excellent job explaining how County Executive Chris Collins will benefit from the new-look County Legislature. Reporters on all three stations noted that the Democrats in the legislature no longer will have a super majority to override a Collins veto. But Brown did the most thorough job explaining the situation.

-- Alan Pergament

Fans of "Southland," Favre and President Obama Are Winners

This is what I'm thinking, blog style:

* I wasn't as big of fan of NBC's "Southland" as many critics were, but it's good to see that TNT will air the six episodes of the second season.

The series was canceled by NBC before the episodes ran, partly because "The Jay Leno Show" takes up all of the network's 10 p.m. weekday time slots.

TNT has announced it will carry the police series that stars Ben McKenzie, Michael Cudlitz, Regina King and Tom Everett Scott at 10 p.m. Tuesday starting on Jan. 12. The plan is to start with the series' first episode as TNT also plans to air last spring's first seven episodes of the show's rookie season.

* Practically everyone today said they've abandoned the Bills after their 31-10 loss to Houston, but Channel 4's ratings suggest diehard fans haven't given up. The game had a 31.3 rating (representing 31.3  percent of area households), largely because it was close for three quarters. The real test of loyalty will come after the bye week.

* Anyone care to make a guess which local family is going to be pleasantly surprised when ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" comes to town this month?

* I'm not a big fan of Fox play-by-play man Joe Buck, but give him credit for noting that the two stolen bases that brought the New York Yankees' Johnny Damon to third base in the ninth inning Sunday night might change the pitching plans of Philly ace reliever Brad Lidge. Sure enough, the Yanks' Alex Rodriguez got a fastball rather than a harder-to-catch slider and hit the game-winning double in a 7-4 Yankees victory.

* Who is more popular in Western New York -- Brett Favre or the Yankees? On Sunday, Favre won. The victory by his Minnesota Vikings over the Green Bay Packers had a higher rating (16.7) on WUTV than the Yankees game five win (14.5). Of course, the Favre game didn't end at midnight.

* If you're a fan of President Obama, you'll love Tuesday night's HBO documentary, "By the People: The Election of Barack Obama." At one point, the filmmakers catch footage of a tear running down the right side of the face of candidate Obama as he addressed a crowd shortly after the death of his beloved grandmother. I'm sure many fans of President Obama will be tearing up near the end of the two-hour documentary. For more about it, read Tuesday's Buffalo News.

* Speaking of presidents, the deliciously evil President Logan will be back for the next season of "24." He is played by character actor Gregory Itzin, who isn't exactly a household word. If you''ve watched any World Series games, undoubtedly you know "24" returns to Fox in January.

Do you care to comment on any of these items?

-- Alan Pergament

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