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Barbara Walters' Unusual Advice to Tiger

Barbara Walters had some surprising advice for Tiger Woods during her appearance Tuesday on "The Late Show with David Letterman."

Walters said that Woods should have done an interview before more of the tawdry details of his extramarital affairs came out but added that now it is too late.

"Now, I don't think he should do an interview," said Walters, who has every reason to persuade Woods to do an interview.

Of course, she added she'd be happy to do the interview if Woods ever gets out of his bunker.

I'm not among those who are surprised at how many jokes that Letterman told about Woods on Monday and Tuesday.

As I said back when Letterman had his own "problem," the host was bound to use self-deprecating humor to continue making fun of people involved in future sex scandals.

And that's just what he's done with Tiger.

After Letterman mentioned that Walters was a guest Tuesday in his opening, he added "so far she has not been linked to Tiger Woods."

Woods hasn't always been the most popular golfer on tour. It was easy to speculate that some golfers were just jealous of his incredible talent. Now you have to wonder if some golfers knew the real Tiger and were upset that his perfect image was such a joke.

Of course, Walters wasn't on Letterman's show to talk about Tiger, but to promote her annual ABC special on the 10 Most Fascinating People of the Year. During his interview with Walters, Letterman made a prediction about who would be named the most fascinating person of the year tonight.

Letterman said he was positive it would be First Lady Michelle Obama. Walters tried every possible way she possibly could to avoid confirming it, but her body language indicated that Letterman was on the money. Stay tuned tonight.

-- Alan Pergament  

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