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Buffalo Gets Another National TV Snow Job

The weather was frightful throughout the midsection of the United States this week, but it should surprise no one that Buffalo was one of the major areas that the network newscasts focused on.

On Thursday morning, NBC's "Today" show featured a reporter doing a standup from Western New York and on Thursday night ABC's "World News Tonight" did pretty much the same.

Of course, even when the networks explain the snow is primarily south of Buffalo viewers across the country don't know the difference.

I know this because my out-of-town relatives were once again shocked Thursday when I told them my house received a few inches north of the city and the really frightening stuff that was making a mess of the Thruway was happening many miles away.

By now, Western New Yorkers should realize this area often deserves the snow coverage on national television and there is no use complaining about it when it doesn't deserve it

-- Alan Pergament  

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