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Buffalo and "The Marriage Ref" Promo

If you watched any NFL playoff game or "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend, you probably saw a promo for the new Jerry Seinfeld reality series on NBC, "The Marriage Ref," that had a Buffalo angle.

A man identified as being from Buffalo is featured in the promo, which notes that in 2003 a husband  started a fire outside that accidentally burned his house down.

According to the script, he started a fire outside to avoid having a date night with his wife. The promo also included a shot of a so-called "wife" in bed.

The promos suggests that "a marriage ref" possibly could have prevented the incident.

Did it happen? Or it it just another marriage joke?

A spokesman for the Buffalo Police Department is looking into it for me. But perhaps you remember the story.

NBC is heavily promoting the series, which will feature a panel comically discussing strategies to deal with real-life marital situations.

Seinfeld has called the series a "comedy about situations in reality."

It has a special post-Olympics preview on Feb. 28 before joining NBC's lineup on March 14.

-- Alan Pergament  

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