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Kiefer, the Dress and the Sabres

The other night "24" star Kiefer Sutherland went on David Letterman's late-night show wearing a dress.

He said it was the price he had to pay to a friend after losing a bet on a NFL playoff game.

Sutherland, who stars as the masculine Jack Bauer on his Fox show, identified the friend as "David Andreychuk."

That had me thinking he was referring to the former Buffalo Sabre though he is usually just called Dave. After all, Sutherland is a Canadian and a huge hockey fan so it is certainly possible that Andreychuk is a friend.

Sure enough, a couple of blogs have identified the former Sabre as Sutherland's "friend." However, there has been no official confirmation.

One did wonder exactly what Sutherland's friend would have had to have done if he lost the bet. Would  Andreychuk been the one in a dress?

We may never find out.

-- Alan Pergament

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