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Time Warner Raising Rates

Another year, another cable rate increase.

But you probably figured that was coming after reading about all the negotiations Time Warner Cable has been involved in with its program suppliers.

Still, you practically need to be an accountant to know how much your TWC bill is going to rise on Feb. 1.

The cable company announced its rate increase via a glossy mailing to subscribers that also highlighted the advances in its services in 2009.

The amount your bill will increase depends on the services you have.

But here's a sampling of the monthly increases in Amherst (the rates vary by location): The broadcast tier goes up $1; the cable tier is up $4.36; the standard cable tier is $5.36; Road Runner Lite goes up $3; HBO is up $1 and the DVR is up $2

The packages that TWC offers can lead to some savings but most of the rates are going up. The All the Best package, which combines many services. is going up $8.67 a month.

A few things have rate decreases. The cost of a digital converter goes down nine cents and the Surf N Call package goes down $1.

I suspect most subscribers won't be able to figure out how much their bills are rising until they get the first new one in the February billing statement.

-- Alan Pergament

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