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Tiger Gets Very Good Instant Reviews

When Tiger Woods talks, he gets the presidential treatment from networks.

Channel 2, Channel 4 and Channel 7 -- the three network affiliates -- all carried his apology statement today along with several cable channels.

While some people questioned why Woods couldn't have used all the time he had on his hands to memorize his statement rather than read it, the first reviews from analysts were pretty positive.

ABC's George Stephanopoulos called Woods' statement "one of the most remarkable public apologies ever by a public figure."

"He left nothing on the table," he added.

"He went much further than people thought he would," added ABC's Robin Roberts.

On ESPN, Rick Reilly was even more positive.

"I thought it was excellent," said Reilly. "It was from the heart. It sounded like he didn't have a lot of help and almost sounded like he wrote a lot of it. It was a Tiger I've never seen before. Really well done... He really accomplished something today... He seems very sincere about changing his life."

On CBS, golf analyst David Feherty said it was the first time that Woods has made himself vulnerable.

"Maybe he'll come back and we'll know Tiger Woods better," said Feherty.

Lauren Bloom, the author of "The Art of the Apology," also was impressed and gave Woods a grade of A minus.

"I thought he did a really good job," she said on one of the ESPN channels. "I believe him. I think he was sincere."

Bloom added that she would have given Woods an A plus if he hadn't angrily criticized the media at one point.

It makes you wonder if many members of the criticized media will grade Woods' performance as well as the TV analysts did today.

-- Alan Pergament

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