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NBC Ignores Debate on Winning Goal

You might have thought that NBC's army of hockey analysts would have debated whether Sidney Crosby's gold-medal winning goal Sunday afternoon for Team Canada should have been stopped by Team USA goalie Ryan Miller in the 3-2 overtime loss.

But it ignored the topic, which was respectfully addressed by Buffalo News columnist Bucky Gleason in today's column. "Bad goal?" wrote Gleason."It seems less  so when you consider the source. Crosby is the face of North American hockey..."

NBC emphasized the terrific play of the Buffalo Sabres goaltender in the tournament, which earned him the most valuable player award. Its cameras caught the post-game exchange between Miller and Lindy Ruff, the Sabres coach who was a Team Canada assistant. NBC's Joe Michelleti ended his interview with Miller by telling him "hold your head up. You were spectacular throughout this tournament."

But the question that undoubtedly was on the minds of many hockey fans here and throughout the country wasn't asked.

Maybe the analysts were trying to spare Miller's feelings. But Sabre fans who have heard how classy,  direct and self-critical Miller can be, probably expected some sort of debate on the goal.

-- Alan Pergament


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