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Channel 2 News Gets Perspective

When the Buffalo Sabres opened their Stanley Cup playoff series with the Boston Bruins, all three local news departments made it the lead of their newscasts.

When the Bruins eliminated the Sabres Monday night, Channel 4 and Channel 7 had sports reporters at the top of the 11 p.m. newscast doing the post-mortems. The reports were followed by mandatory pointless interviews with disappointed fans.

And Channel 2? Its big story was on reports that General Motors will announce today that it is investing $400 million in its Town of Tonawanda plant to produce a new V-8 engine. Sports director Ed Kilgore didn't arrive to talk about the Sabres' elimination for eight minutes.

Of course, the GM story has a greater impact on the area in the long-term and is bigger news. It was nice to see some news perspective for a change about what is important. Three cheers for Channel 2 News and perspective.

Having said that, it wouldn't be shocking if viewers were more interested in the Sabres' story than the more important one on GM.

-- Alan Pergament 

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