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ESPN Practically Ignores Second Bills Pick

Local sports fans should sit back and enjoy the Buffalo Sabres game with the Boston Bruins tonight on MSG instead of watching the NFL draft on ESPN.

After all, ESPN didn't care enough about the Bills second-round pick tonight to even pay attention when it was made.

The ESPN crew was talking with Cleveland Browns President Mike Holmgren about his team when the Bills selected defensive tackle Torell Troup of Central Florida. You could hear the choice in the background while Holmgren talked.

ESPN didn't even address the pick until after a commercial when host Chris Berman asked Mel Kiper about the choice.

The Holmgren interview was a clear indication of how ESPN views the draft picks after the first round. It looks for ways to entertain a national audience, which undoubtedly annoys fans of any local team trying to hear the next selection.

You could almost hear the screams in homes across Western New York when Holmgren was being interviewed.

At 7 p.m., the draft moved to ESPN 2.

-- Alan Pergament

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