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Mayock Gets Bills Pick Again

Most of Western New York didn't see it, but NFL Network draft expert Mike Mayock accurately predicted the Buffalo Bills top draft choice again.

About an hour before the Bills selected, I received a press release from The NFL Network in which Mayock accurately predicted the Bills would select Clemson running back C.J. Spiller.

I immediately called my best friend and said the Bills were picking Spiller.

That's because Mayock is the E.F. Hutton of draft experts and his accuracy rate dealing with the Bills is especially high in his final mock draft.

In the past five drafts, he predicted the Bills would pick Donte Whitner in 2006, Leodis McKelvin in 2008,  Aaron Maybin in 2009 and now Spiller in his final mock draft.

Of course, The NFL Network isn't carried on Time Warner Cable. That leaves local cable coverage to ESPN, which mostly drooled over the pick of Spiller. (Go here to see NFL Network's coverage of the Spiller pick.)

"The Bills are moving quickly and maybe that's a hint," said host Chris Berman before the pick. "There's a team that needs excitement."

Analyst Jon Gruden was the most excited for the Bills, noting Spiller terrorizes defenses with breakaway speed and adding that "he's gone" after one (defensive) mistake. 

"I love this pick," added Gruden after saying Spiller was a high character guy. "I can't be more excited for C.J. Spiller."

Only Mel Kiper was a bit of a downer, noting (accurately) the Bills still have big offensive line problems.

Kiper didn't get much air time in ESPN's Thursday night coverage, primarily because analyst Steve Young seemed to be conducting a filibuster. He never shut up. Gruden got his share of screen time, but Kiper and Tom Jackson were overwhelmed by Young's filibusters. The coverage would have been better if Young had been benched.

-- Alan Pergament 

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