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Time Warner Navigates the Future

Starting Monday, many local Time Warner Cable subscribers will get a new, navigator guide that may confuse them a little at the beginning but eventually make it easier to find and record programs and block programs that they don't want their children to see.

The new technology eventually also will enable Time Warner to offer new features, including allowing subscribers to watch programs on DVRs on other sets in the house and program DVRs from outside the home.

I got a preview Thursday of the on-screen navigation guide, which is available on the same remote that subscribers currently have.

The graphics are clearer. But not everything else is clearer.

I suspect many subscribers wish they had someone walk through all the features with a TWC representative as I did Thursday.

Time Warner is sending a pamphlet to explain how to use the new guide and one of its channels, 997, also will illustrate how it is done.

Many people resist change, but once subscribers get the hang of it I suspect they will embrace the new guide and its features.

The navigator guide is rolling out in some areas next week, but it may take until mid-May to be available to all subscribers.

--Alan Pergament

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