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"Moonlight" shines on the CW

Vampires never die -- but they do go into syndication.

The Alex O'Loughlin vampire series "Moonlight" has found a new home on the CW starting tonight. The addition of the romantic vampire cop drama (yes it's all of that) creates a Thursday night vampire doubleheader on the CW. At 8 p.m., watch encore presentations of the CW's hit freshman teen vampire series, "The Vampire Diaries"; followed at 9 p.m. by "Moonlight."

   The O'Loughlin show had quite a following, although not large enough to keep it going, when it premiered on CBS in 2007. O'Loughlin starred as the immortal private investigator Mick St. John who falls for the woman (the lovely Sophia Myles) he saved as a child from a vampire. The show is from Ron Koslow, one of the guys responsible for the unabashedly romantic TV series "Beauty and the Beast," and it shows here.

The show may not have lasted, but the CBS love affair with O'Loughlin has. He starred in the short-lived medical drama "Three Rivers" for the network; next up is a new-look "Hawaii Five-O" with O'Loughlin taking on the Steve McGarrett role.

-- Toni Ruberto

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