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The Winner?

It is, no doubt, not a title that WKBW-TV General Manager Bill Ransom coveted.

But, for better or worse, in a TV news industrial list of "The Top 10 Worst People in TV News" he has placed a resounding no. 1.

The list comes from FTV Live which describes itself on its website as "a TV News Insider website that has been around since 2000. The person behind is Scott Jones...a former News Director, Exeuctive Producer, Producer, Assignment Editor, Reporter and Photographer" currently living in Jacksonville, Fla. Among other things, the website also gives itself credit for being "the first media outlet in the country to break the Jay Leno story."

In explaining its list of The Top 10 Worst People in TV News, FTVLive reported "we got over a thousand emails from people nominating different people in the TV industry for the 10 worst list."

In explaining its choice of Ransom as the worst of the very worst, FTVLive wrote "Trying to figure out the order for the 10 worst people in TV news was difficult to say the least. But coming up with Number 1 was as easy as could be.

"Bill Ransom has been the General Manager of the Graniite Station in Buffalo for years. When he took over as the GM, it was one of the highest rated stations in the country.

"WKBW's Newscasts had been Number 1 since the 60's and the station was known as a news powerhouse.

"Bill Ransom took the station from First to Worst in the ratiings and gutted a once proud newsroom into almost nothing.

"Ransom laid off some of the best people at the station. He hired very cheap replacements and slashed the budget to almost nothing."

For the record, others on FTVLive's list of the worst people in TV News include a news director in Alaska, CNN's President Jon Klein, Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly, NBC CEO Jeff Zucker and the Peacock Network's Owned-and-Operated Station preisdent John Wallace.

--Jeff Simon

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