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A positive vote for Ch.2's sharp new graphics look

Channel 2 anchor Scott Levin told viewers during the 5 p.m. newscast tonight to wait two weeks to decide whether they like the NBC’s affiliates new graphic look.

I don’t need two weeks.

I didn't need two minutes.

I like it. The graphics – which Levin claimed were designed after feedback from viewers -- are the sharpest on any Western New York station.

Gannett, which owns Channel 2, has been introducing the new look at all of its stations over the last few months, 

I’m not too thrilled that the rundown of multiple stories on one side of the screen is gone, replaced by headlines of three upcoming stories at the bottom of the screen. After all, the side rundown gave viewers a look at more than three upcoming stories.

But I bet it will be easy to get used to the new rundown quickly and it is a small price to pay for the sharper graphic look and the increased weather information on the bottom of the screen.


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