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Murphy Scores in Ad Game; BEMA Finalists Named

By Alan Pergament

This is what I’m thinking:

I’ve always written that Buffalo Bills play-by-play man John Murphy has one of the best voices in broadcasting so I’m not terribly surprised that he has gone Steve Tasker’s route and become an advertising spokesman.

I can't recall how many ads Murphy (if any) has done in the past, except for the Bills, but his recent ads for NOCO on radio and TV almost seem to be as ubiquitous lately as Tasker’s car ads.

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An "Amazing" Local Acting Job

By Alan Pergament

It is one of the amazing things about Western New York that everybody seems to know somebody who knows somebody you know.

It is like the Six Degrees of Separation thing with Kevin Bacon.

So I suppose no one should be surprised I’ve heard a few things about the Buffalo newlyweds, Katie and Max Bichler, who were bickering and plotting against their opponents in the early episodes of the current edition of the CBS reality series “The Amazing Race.”

I’ve noticed a softening of their image in the last two episodes. On March 10, Max played comedian, poking fun at himself when looking at a monkey involved in a challenge. “He’s scratching his butt ad he’s taking a drink,” said Max. “He looks like me in the morning when I wake up.”

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Sports On the Air Returns to Talk Hockey and Hoops

 By Alan Pergament

If I had a nickel for the number of times a reader told me over the years that they didn’t read my regular TV columns all that much but they did look forward to Sports on the Air in the Saturday Sports pages, I probably could afford a Buffalo Sabres ticket in the 200 level of the First Niagara Center. OK, maybe the 300 level.

So this is the first of what will be some occasional Sports On the Air blogs when the spirit moves me on a Saturday morning.

The Buffalo Sabres are winning in one area this season: TV ratings.

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"Idol" Slips Here, "SNL" Soars With Justin


By Alan Pergament

AIRWAVES: This morning, I am reprising Airwaves, a feature I often used during my first stint as a Buffalo News TV critic.

First, here’s a little history about how and why Airwaves was born. One day, I didn’t have an issue to address for a full TV column so I decided to string together a number of quick-hitting, conversational-style items and opinions and call it a column. After I handed it in, it was sent back to me with a note from the late Buffalo News editor, Murray B.Light.

I thought he was going to tell me that it didn’t cut it and come up with something else. Instead, he wrote “do this more often. It is breezy and informative and I like it.” The quote may be a little off since it was 30 years ago but that was the substance of it.

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"Smash" Heads to Saturday Death Slot

I warned you in Wednesday’s blog that NBC’s “Smash” had become so ridiculous and so low-rated that it was in danger of being canceled.

Several hours later on Wednesday, NBC made an announcement that was hardly a bombshell. It is moving the show from Tuesdays to Saturdays, where series are sent to die or play out their final episodes.

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WNYers Don't Flock to Pope Coverage

By Alan Pergament

Confessions of a dial-switcher on the day after Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was elected pope:

I was very curious this morning to see what the local news ratings were Wednesday and whether Channel 2 got any boost because Maryalice Demler (seen below) was the only local reporter-anchor to be in Vatican City for the big announcement.

It was a big story, especially for the 630,000 Catholics in eight Western New York counties. That’s probably why Channel 4 brought Jacquie Walker in from vacation and why Channel 2’s Melissa Holmes was back on an early evening newscast.

However, it looks pretty much like a typical news night ratings-wise.

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Ch.2 Makes Right Calls on Gallivan

 By Alan Pergament

Channel 2 made two right calls Tuesday concerning the departure of reporter-anchor Pete Gallivan for a job in the communications department of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office.

First, it immediately told Gallivan that Tuesday had to be his last day because he was taking a political job.

“The appearance of conflict of interest is just as bad as a conflict of interest,” explained Channel 2 News Director Jeff Woodard in an email. “You can’t work for a newsroom and for government at the same time (even if you haven’t officially started yet”).

Gallivan doesn’t officially start working for Gov. Cuomo until March 25.

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Gallivan leaves Ch. 2 to work for governor

Channel 2 reporter-anchor Pete Gallivan is leaving the NBC affiliate and joining the ranks of those who have recently left TV news for public relations jobs in private industry or with the government.

Gallivan, who has been at the NBC affiliate for 17 years, is going to work in the communications department in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Buffalo office. Gallivan’s family has a political background – his mother was a Delaware District council member. State Sen. Patrick Gallivan is his cousin.

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Ch.2's Demler Back on the Pope Beat

This is what I’m thinking:

First, a quick note about the above opening of this blog and some future blogs.

I am reprising one of the standard ways I used to start an opinionated column in my previous stint at the Buffalo News. A little TV column history. I started using “this is what I’m thinking” in honor of Paul Reiser’s use of the phrase in the sitcom “Mad About You” in which Helen Hunt co-starred
as his wife. My memory is that when Paul and Jaime Buchman had a disagreement, Reiser’s character would open his discussion by saying “this is what I’m thinking.”

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Back TalkinTV

As I wrote in this morning’s newspaper, I am the Jay Leno of the Buffalo News.

You just can’t get rid of me.

I am back writing about TV after almost a three-year absence.

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