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A positive news day about awards, a baby, and a goodbye

By Alan Pergament

I’ve been occasionally told “you’re too negative.” I typically respond, “no, I’m not.”

In any event, this morning’s blog will focus on being positive.

Cheers to Channel 2’s Scott Brown, who won two New York State Emmys over the weekend and was the only local reporter to be so homored. The two stories for which Brown earned the Emmys were entitled “Buffalo’s Beatles Blunder” and  “Conspiracy of Silence: The Murder of Jackie Wisniewski." The photographers who earned Emmys with him were Andy DeSantis and Dave Harrington.

Andrew Siff, who you remember from his days at Channel 7, also won an Emmy for his work as a general assignment reporter for WNBC in New York City.

Congratulations are in order for Emily Guggenmos and Lou Raguse, the married couple who work at Channel 4. Raguse, the weekend anchor, confirmed they are expecting their first child in late September.


Larry hagman
Larry Hagman: J.R.'s shooter is revealed:




Pat Summerall, who died Tuesday, was one of my childhood heroes because he made some big field goals as a member of the New York Giants. Playing in New York undoubtedly helped him get a broadcasting job and he flourished at CBS and Fox thanks to having one of the best voices in NFL history and a simple dramatic style. His voice made every touchdown, every big putt and every big forehand winner seem even better than it was.

Let’s give it up for Katie and Max Bichler, the local couple who have made it to the Final Five of “The Amazing Race” and have managed to become more likable as the series has gone on. I’m beginning to think they even have a chance to win, though the pro hockey Battaglia brothers, Bates and Anthony,  would seem to be the favorites.

ESPN’s Jon Gruden should consider becoming Ryan Nassib’s agent. On a teleconference with reporters this week, Gruden continued to extol the quarterbacking virtues of the former Syracuse star to the point that you wouldn’t blame the Buffalo Bills for using the No.8 pick in the draft on him.

I know TNT’s new version of “Dallas” gets critically-slammed but Monday’s series finale that explained who shot J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman) was a winner. I didn’t guess whodunit until about 20 minutes before it was revealed.  Spoiler alert. I’m going to explain what happened after one more item. 

Circle Sunday, July 14. That’s the night that my favorite series from last season, Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom,” returns on HBO.

Back to “Dallas.” It turned out that J.R.’s shooting was a mercy killing. In a plot twist that had some similarities to Hagman’s death, J.R. had cancer and only a few days to live when he asked a trusted aide to shoot him and make it look like old nemesis Cliff Barnes was the murderer. Hagman died in November after a battle with cancer.

Finally, the 6 p.m. sportscast today will be the last one for Channel 2’s Ed Kilgore. To those who wonder how Kilgore treated me after I wrote that he must go immediately after being the host of a news conference featuring his new boss, Buffalo Sabres Owner Terry Pegula, the answer is he was very cordial and classy over the telephone . Of course, why wouldn’t he be? As I told Kilgore, my blog and column enabled him to get an extra five weeks of paid vacation since Channel 2 is paying him until his original departure date of May 24.


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